Ready for a Winter Vacation? Look No Further than the Caribbean!

The Cayman Islands have become a popular vacation destination for people who would like to explore the Caribbean. If you are planning on taking a Grand Cayman excursion, you can enjoy hiking, golfing, and sailing, while you travel around. Here is a look at some of the exciting things to do in Grand Cayman (so you don’t have to figure out what to do!).

Camana Bay
Camana Bay is a major tourist attraction that is home to many different shopping, dining, and leisure options. Camana Bay is located near Seven Mile Beach, and is home to many special events. There are multiple clothing stores that feature designer brands, as well as stores that offer jewelry, kitchenware, electronics, books, and skincare lines, among other products. Food vendors emphasize nutrition, as they sell fruit juices, smoothies, salads, and healthy sandwiches. While Caribbean food is primarily the first choice for patrons, Camana Bay also has seafood, Asian, and Italian dining options. Check out the latest movies at the Regal Camana Bay Stadium 6.

Mastic Trail
The historic Mastic Trail allows you to explore the Woodland area, where you will find unique plant life. The Cayman Islands National Trust helps preserve the Mastic Trail, and also sponsors multiple tours. While the hike may be challenging at times, if you enjoy nature, you must find some time to explore the Mastic Trail.

Stingray City

Stingray City is located in the North Sound Area of Grand Cayman. You’ll interact with the Atlantic Southern stingrays. Be sure to listen to the instructors to avoid any accidents while visiting the stingrays. You can transport around Stingray City in a glass bottom boat, or by taking a scuba trip. Popular guides and sponsored trips include the Stingray City Trips and The Moby Dick Tours.

One of the most popular attractions in Grand Cayman, multiple cruise ships go through Hell on a daily basis. Hell has chunks of black limestone, and there are platforms that you can stand on to take pictures. Be sure to head to the gift shop to take home some souvenirs. The area is frequently crowded and your best option to fully enjoy everything may be taking a guided island tour.

The most popular Uber destinations across the USA

As we head into 2018, Uber is taking a look at how people used the ride-sharing service in 2017. The company has rounded up a list of the most popular destination in each state, excluding airports, major transit stations and convention centers. (Note: There is no entry for South Dakota since Uber does not operate there.)

The results may surprise you. In Michigan, for example, the most Uber-ed to place is Scorekeepers, a bar in Ann Arbor. In New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art was the most popular destination among riders, and in Louisiana, Café du Monde easily slid into first place. Check out all of the top destinations in the gallery above.

More interesting tidbits provided by Uber: The most popular time for people in the U.S. to take an Uber was on Saturday nights at 11 p.m., and the most Ubers were taken on Oct. 28 (Halloween Saturday). And while New Jersey is the earliest-rising state, those in Mississippi tend to stay out the latest.

 Read the full list here.


Grand Cayman’s Restaurants to Try This Week

The Camana Bay town center is the perfect place to dine for anyone visiting Grand Cayman. There are over a dozen wonderful restaurants that offer a variety of dishes. There are also several cafes and markets and a great selection of shops to peruse in the town center. Listed below are some of the best Grand Cayman restaurants.

The Brooklyn Pizza + Pasta
The Brooklyn Pizza + Pasta features dishes that are originally American with an Italian flair. The ambiance of The Brooklyn is laid back, but chic. The restaurant is perfect for anything from a family meal to a late night date. The menu has dishes that have been inspired from all over the world.

Abacus is known as the place to lounge and to have a nice meal. The restaurant is proud of its farm to table service and is offers some of the best tapas in the area. If you love a good cocktail, then Abacus is the place for you. There are two different areas to enjoy your meal. There is a dining room that offers warm seating inside, as well as a shaded patio that offers outdoor seating.

Petit Paris
Petit Paris offers a variety of French baked goods. They have some of the best bread, croissants, and pastries in the area. Gourmet coffee, as well as espresso, is offered alongside their tasty treats. If you have an empty stomach, you can purchase a salad, sandwich, panini, baguette, or more. Petit Paris also ships hard candy that is pre-packaged from France.

The Waterfront Urban Diner
The Waterfront Urban Diner brings the best of city dining to the laidback paradise feel. The restaurant is a gastro-pub, but all of its food is made some of the freshest ingredients in the area. The setting will make you feel at home with its beautiful wooden floors, warm lighting, and the hospitality from its staff.

Binge-Worthy Shows About House Flipping

House flipping is one of the most popular trends in real estate right now. The act of house flipping essentially has home buyers purchase multiple properties with the goal of reselling them for a large profit. Often the house chosen will be run down or need ‘rehabbing’ work, and will be renovated to offer more benefit. House flipping shows are some of the most popular shows on TV right now, likely since it is fun to watch the house flipper go through the process of renovation.

Below are just three of the top TV shows about house flipping and why they became so popular.

Flip or Flop

Flip or Flop is a great house flipping show that originally aired on HGTV. The first episode aired in April of 2013 and soon went on to be one of the most popular house flipping series of all time. Flip or Flop follows the lives of Tarek and Christina El Moussa who are successful real estate agents that buy distressed properties and flip them for a large profit. Each episode begins with the cash purchase of a home that is often run down, in foreclosure or in need of major repair. Tarek and Christina well then go through the home and update and renovate the property with new and interesting designs and features. They then go on to try to sell the home for a large profit. Not only do they teach many homeowners about renovating areas of the home but they also teach many homeowners about flipping houses and making a profit.

Flip This House

Flip This House is a great real estate show that first aired in July of 2005. It originally aired on the A&E Network and ran for four years before ending in 2009. The show follows a variety of real estate investors in Connecticut, as well as Texas, California and Georgia who buy homes in need of renovation and then sell them for a high profit. Not only does the show teach viewers a variety of different renovating projects but it also teaches viewers how to buy and sell homes. One of the main house flippers on the show still in business is Than Merrill.

Flipping Vegas

Flipping Vegas is a great house flipping series that originally aired in June of 2011. It followed the lives of real estate moguls that were buying abandoned run-down homes in the Las Vegas area. The show follows Scott Yancey and his team of interior designers and project managers through the buying, renovating and reselling of various Las Vegas homes. Viewers get a first-hand look at some of the best renovation projects as well as some of the most profitable house flipping ventures. Although the final episode premiered in September of 2014 it is still one of the top house flipping shows.

Although there are many different house flipping shows these are just three of the most popular ones over the last few years. Each show offers their own unique characters as well as their own unique renovations and designs.


Get to Know: Allison Williams from GIRLS

A Star On The Rise
Actress Allison Williams is truly starting to make her mark. Best known as “Marnie Michaels” in the HBO comedy-drama series GIRLS, Allison is a multi-talented entertainer with a growing resume.

Allison, the daughter of former NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams and TV Producer Jane Stoddard, first hit the Hollywood scene in 2004 in a two episode stint on the TV series American Dreams. But it wasn’t until 2010 that a YouTube video caught the eye of Judd Apatow. The video was set to RJD2’s theme song for Mad Men and was a mix of “A Beautiful Mine” and Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy”. Judd Apatow went on to hire Allison for the on-going HBO series GIRLS.

Allison’s career has been quite eclectic. Actress, writer, producer, singer, Allison runs the gambit in what she has to offer. Allison wrote for a TV series, Will & Kate: Before Happily Ever After as well as stared as Kate Middleton. She has had roles in other TV series, of note, The League, Jake and Amir, and the Mindy Project. One of her biggest roles, though, was taking on the lead character of NBC’s live musical, Peter Pan Live! Once again she was able to show off her vocal talents as well as her physical prowess for that amazing role. Cast opposite Christopher Walken’s Captain Hook, Allison most definitely held her own as pointed out by the many wonderful Critic Reviews she received. Allison recently made the jump to feature films, taking on the lead role as Rose, in Jordan Peele’s (from Key and Peele fame) horror film “Get Out”.

Now if you think Allison’s career is solely rooted in Hollywood and show business, you’d be mistaken. Allison is firmly linked to the organization Horizons National as her mother chairs the National Board and her grandmother is on the board. This organization runs programs at high schools and college campuses during the summer to assist disadvantaged students. Horizons is very instrumental in helping students achieve their educational growth. Allison is also an advocate for girls and women around the world. Along with Seth Myers, she co-hosted this year’s Voices of Solidarity event put together by Vital Voices, an organization that shines a bright, well-earned, light on extraordinary women advocates like the creators of Undercover Colors ( and Vice President, Cassation Court, Jordan Judge Doctor Mohammed Al-Tarawneh.

The immensely talented Allison Williams is very prepared for what comes next.

Best holidays to give chocolate to someone

Chocolate has been a beloved favorite for many years. People around the world cherish this sweet treat. Chocolate makes an excellent present. People love opening a box of chocolate to discover exactly what’s inside for them to fully enjoy eating. While many people love to get chocolate for a birthday or an anniversary, there are certain times of the year when it makes a really wonderful gift as well.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. What could be more romantic than chocolate? A box of fine bean to bar chocolates from Mast Brothers NYC Store makes the perfect thing to eat at the end of an intimate dinner for two. Many people find it fabulous to sit together with a great cup of coffee and some high quality chocolates. Giving someone you love chocolate made with ingredients you know they like such as nuts or mint can show that you understand and care about them deeply.

Easter Sunday

Easter candy is even better with a gift of chocolate. Many parents give kids chocolate Easter eggs filled with all kinds of wonderful fillings. Bring the holiday to life with chocolate presents made from bean to bar chocolates at Nathan Miller in New York City. Chocolate helps add fun to any Easter celebration.

Mother’s Day

Another special day to give chocolate is on Mother’s Day. A box of delicious chocolate can be a perfect way to show that you love your mom. Many people like to take their moms out on this day. A special meal on this day can end wonderfully with a gift of chocolate that you know your mom will love eating.

Independence Day

A picnic can made even more fun with a gift of chocolate. If you have been invited to a friend’s house for a party on this day, bring them something that will allow everyone to share. A box of chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate covered blueberries works well with all kinds of other deserts your host is serving.


Bring out the fun side of Thanksgiving with a gift of chocolate. Kids will enjoy this day even more when you bring them a large chocolate shaped turkey to adore after they’ve eaten their fill of turkey and mashed potatoes. Buy chocolate covered nuts to make it even more authentic because nuts were served at the first Thanksgiving feast.

Games and Entertainment

When people think about entertainment, they think mostly about TV. However, entertainment is Spiderman_png_by_captainjackharkness-d5cbru1-790x593considered to be also reading a book or playing different games. As today’s development offers us many possibilities, entertainment can be found live or in the online environment.

If you were thinking about what you can do to entertain yourself, there are many options available. Some of them were said earlier, like reading or playing something, but there are so many options for those too, that it makes your choosing even harder.

Here are some tips on how to play entertainment games and how to find them, to allow you some time for relaxation and enjoyment just for the fun of it.

Card Games

These are old enough that even your grandparents will know about them. Some of them have changed throughout time, but others have appeared also. One of the most known today is Poker or Roulette, but these are commonly played in casinos and other special places. However, the Solitaire game is also a game card, and it’s available on every computer or laptop, as it comes with the Microsoft Operating System. This is known by every person that has access to a computer, as it’s commonly used for small 3a595fe778eeae4d046072bea90e13f3periods of relaxation.

Society Games

These were frequent some time ago, but there are still people who can play it. There have appeared changes and new games, but the purpose of such a game is always the same – to allow people to entertain themselves and have a good time in the company of their friends. You can play Charade or Mime, or 100 Questions. Depending on what you choose to do with your friends, you will surely have a great time.

Board Games

These are games that are played on different boards. It involves from 2 to 8 players, and it takes from 30 minutes to even 3 or 4 hours. One of the common games played is Monopoly, and it needs at least 3 or 4 players to make it fun. There are also other games that are available, and all you need to do is find the games that you really like.

Party Games

These games are mostly played at parties by teens, but they can be played at any party, depending on the willingness of the guests. One of the funniest games that can be played by many people is the Truth or Dare game, and it’s actually quite easy. For those who don’t know the rules – here they are – you can choose to say the truth about something or you can choose a dare. There’s less fun in telling the truth, but for those who choose the dare, the person who issues the dare can be quite inventive.

maximize-your-3-1Computer Games

These are a different section of the games, and usually involve singular players playing directly on their computer. Online or offline, these are different games that are available for them – from cards or smaller games, to shooter games, strategy games, action games, and so on. There are many games that are available in the online environment and are ready for download, for free or for a fee. However, some games require more skills than others and they can also be addictive to those who favor them.

Online Games

These are part of the computer games category, but mean something entirely different. These are the games that can be played directly online – you get to access a web site with a username and a password, and you enter directly into your own account. These can be played alone or in teams, allowing you to befriend people from all over the world. These can also come with a price, so be careful when you choose something like this.