Grand Cayman’s Restaurants to Try This Week

The Camana Bay town center is the perfect place to dine for anyone visiting Grand Cayman. There are over a dozen wonderful restaurants that offer a variety of dishes. There are also several cafes and markets and a great selection of shops to peruse in the town center. Listed below are some of the best Grand Cayman restaurants.

The Brooklyn Pizza + Pasta
The Brooklyn Pizza + Pasta features dishes that are originally American with an Italian flair. The ambiance of The Brooklyn is laid back, but chic. The restaurant is perfect for anything from a family meal to a late night date. The menu has dishes that have been inspired from all over the world.

Abacus is known as the place to lounge and to have a nice meal. The restaurant is proud of its farm to table service and is offers some of the best tapas in the area. If you love a good cocktail, then Abacus is the place for you. There are two different areas to enjoy your meal. There is a dining room that offers warm seating inside, as well as a shaded patio that offers outdoor seating.

Petit Paris
Petit Paris offers a variety of French baked goods. They have some of the best bread, croissants, and pastries in the area. Gourmet coffee, as well as espresso, is offered alongside their tasty treats. If you have an empty stomach, you can purchase a salad, sandwich, panini, baguette, or more. Petit Paris also ships hard candy that is pre-packaged from France.

The Waterfront Urban Diner
The Waterfront Urban Diner brings the best of city dining to the laidback paradise feel. The restaurant is a gastro-pub, but all of its food is made some of the freshest ingredients in the area. The setting will make you feel at home with its beautiful wooden floors, warm lighting, and the hospitality from its staff.